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November 2003


Wednesday 26th November: SLGA AGM

213 ladies attended the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association's AGM at the Station Hotel in Perth today. Mrs Nancy Chisholm was elected as President of the Association.
One of the main points of the meeting was to approve or reject the Resolution proposed by the LGU Executive Council to amend the Rules of the Ladies' Golf Union to reflect the change from the LGU Handicapping System to the CONGU Unified Handicapping System subject to approval at the LGU AGM on Wednesday 21 January 2004.
Nancy Duncan reported on behalf of the LGU on the reasons for change and various ladies from the audience were able to raise points in favour or against the resolution.
A 2/3 majority was required for the Resolution to be passed. A representative from each club or county then voted for or against
Final Count : 133 + 63 proxy (196) were for and 15 + 6 proxy (21) were against the proposal
Since 90.3% of Clubs in Scotland voted in favour the resolution was passed.

Friday 21st November: Scottish Institute of Sport Golf Program (SIS)

Clare-Marie Carlton the Renfrewshire County Champion (Fereneze) is selected for SIS

Wednesday 19th November: Meeting for Handicap Secretaries in Renfrewshire at Caldwell Golf Club

All clubs in Renfrewshire were represented at a meeting to hear more details of the CONGU system that is proposed to be introduced in February 2004. Nancy Chisholm SLGANancy Chisholm from the SLGA with her "handicap hat on" as the West of Scotland no longer has a Handicap Advisor, reported exceedingly well on the many decisions that have been made. She also gave some advice for the handicap secretaries and their committees. However, the CONGU system is still to be ratified in Scotland at the SLGA AGM in Perth on Wednesday 26th November. All members are welcome to attend. Details of the last evenings meeting will be taken back to their own club committee and members in due course.

Carol Fell then reported on the RLCGA plans for next year in how the County hope to return all AWAY scores to HOME Clubs:

Linked Computers

Last season we had a trial run using Club Systems 2000 Software to input our competition scores  and calculate the CSS. Since then RLCGA are now the owners of Club System 2000 software which is free to County Associations with an annual Software Support Fee.

The AWAY score and CSS of the competition is normally returned to  the entrants Home Club as soon as possible after the County Medal by printing out details and posting them back to your handicap secretary.

This year we published the competition results onto the Renfrewshire County Website. Next year, however, we will be publishing the result of each competition onto a Renfrewshire page within the which we are now registered to. As you will see you are still be able to access your results after a competition through this Renfrewshire Website link. Another window will open and when you have looked around close that window and you will be back to this page. (Please allow time for the Howdidido page to load for the 1st time -- it will be quicker the next time you open)

When the result of a competition is published, your score, the CSS of the competition and your Rule 19.8 Stableford adjustment score will  be sent back, directly back to your HOME Club. If your club is on the same software (i.e. Club Systems 2000) and you are linked and registered to the howdidido website an internal message will be returned onto your Match computer in the PUBLISH section of the software.

Obviously there are many clubs that do not use the same software.  Club Systems 2000 have collected about 800 e-mail addresses from golf clubs in the UK and have put them into their system, so  when you process a score it will try and link each player with a ‘known club’ on their server’s database.

 If a known club link is created the score will be e-mailed to that club. This has several benefits and ensures that clubs get to know about away scores. 

Where clubs are signed up to “howdidido” they get an internal message back to highlight the details of away scores. This is generally more secure than e-mail and also gives them the opportunity to automatically process the score directly into players handicap record in the club2000 system in the future.

There are about 400 clubs signed up to howdidido website, with about 800 other clubs who have recorded e-mail addresses.

We have about 229 playing members in the County and had about 170 players (i.e. 170 AWAY Players ) that played in competitions this year and who are attached to approx 30 different clubs.

 At the moment there are about 13 of these clubs where results can be returned to either by email or by the howdidido internal message system

Over the winter period I hope to get more email addresses from all the clubs that do not use Club Systems 2000 or have a stand alone computer , I  would appreciate as much help from you all to achieve our objective which in the long term will be of benefit to you and your handicap secretary.

The Clubs that I have details on so far from looking at the system
for transferring results back to the Home Club are
* received email address at handicap meeting

NOT ABLE  to send scores to these clubs ABLE to send scores to these clubs
Caldwell Golf Club Bonnyton Golf Club
Cathcart Castle Golf Club * Douglas Park Golf Club
Cochrane Castle Golf Club Eastwood Golf Club
Cowglen Golf Club Elderslie Golf Club
East Renfrewshire Golf Club Erskine Golf Club
Gourock Golf Club Fereneze Golf Club
Greenock Golf Club Haggs Castle Golf Club
Kirkcudbright Golf Club Kilmacolm Golf Club
Lamlash Golf Club Old Ranfurly Golf Club
Lochwinnoch Golf Club Paisley Golf Club
Ranfurly Castle Golf Club* Ralston Golf Club
Renfrew Golf Club Whitecraigs Golf Club
Troon Portland Golf Club  
Turnberry Hotel Golf Club  
West Kilbride Golf Club  
Williamwood Golf Club  


For more information contact Club Systems 2000 Support Team at

Wednesday 5th November 2003 : AGM held at Haggs Castle Golf Club

Prizewinners and Office Bearers

The AGM was held today at Haggs Castle Golf Club. The meeting went very well with all this years events, results, Junior Section, and County Players achievements, reported to the well attended AGM audience.

Aileen Wilson Aileen, Jennifer and Gladystook over from Pearl Orr as Captain and Beth Paterson (Eastwood) was appointed as the new Vice Captain. Beth, however, has agreed to remain as Junior Secretary next year to enable some follow up and continuity to all her wonderful efforts this year.
(Photo on RHS is Aileen, Jennifer Graham and Gladys Speedie in Betty Stewart's (Haggs Castle) garden 6 weeks after Aileen's successful hip replacement operation. We look forward to your captaincy Aileen plus good golf with a good hip !!

Christeen Finlayson and Audrey Sturgess have done a wonderful job this year and have agreed to stay on as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

A new appointment has also been made -- Carol Fell will be the Match / Handicap Secretary for the County next Year.

The new members that have been appointed to the Committee are: Brenda Livingstone (East Renfrewshire), Ann Robinson (Ranfurly Castle) and Maureen Mitchell (Cathcart Castle)

Thanks were given to the retiring committee members : Janette McCartney (Erskine), Ruth Henderson (Eastwood) and Rhona Graham (Haggs Castle) for all their help over their last 3 years in office

Sheila Goudie (Cowglen) - Past RLCGA Captain who is in charge of Course Rating in Renfrewshire gave us an in depth account of where we are going !

Jennifer Mack (West Division SLGA Representative) enlightened the audience on some of the CONGU details that we currently need to know for next year.

Finally Carol Fell gave details on the RLCGA purchase of Handicapping Club System 2000 software that will enable us to publish the results and transfer AWAY details back to the players HOME Clubs.

To conclude the AGM the presentation of prizes took place.

Flowers were presented to Kathleen McNeil (Hon. Life President), Rosemary Dykes (Hon President --- who presented the prizes) and Pearl Orr (Retiring County Captain)




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